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Sammy The oldest member of our bird family is Sammy.  She's a Congo African Grey Parrot.  She was purchased as a 3 month old and hand fed by my Mom.  Sammy has been living with us for a little more than a year now. She's not a "hands on bird", she is very picky about who she will allow to touch her.   She prefers my oldest son over everyone.  SammyShe's all personality.  Her cage is in the dining room, so every day at dinner time, Sammy DEMANDS her bowl of what ever we are having for that meal.  She greets each of us with a "Good Morning" as we walk through the room for the first time of the day, and she informs everyone when it's "Good Night" time.  If we don't listen, she treats us with ear piercing noises until we let her go to sleep.  (boy does she have a temper) That means, cover her, turn off the lights and by all means  "Be  QUIET!!!".   Her vocabulary is a little over 100 words and growing all the time. She's very vocal during the day.  She has made a place for herself in our family, she knows us all by name, including the 3 dogs.

I'm sorry to say that Sammy died in July of 2004. Sammy was close to 20 years old.

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