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Chuckles Thanksgiving Adventure - 11-22-01
As usual we had the whole family here on Thanksgiving day, about 22 people.  Since we live quite a distance away from all these folks, I normally have overnight guests.  This year my youngest brother (who hasn't been here in 6-1/2 years) and his new wife stayed the night.  The 23rd was my birthday, and after spending the week before preparing for Thanksgiving I was pretty wiped out so I slept later than normal.  I got up and was drinking my first cup of coffee, when my Dad come in and told me that my little brother had taken 'Sammy' out of the cage and she flew away.  Sammy was my Mom's bird, and when my Mom passed away I inherited her.  As challenging as Sammy is I felt that if one of my birds were to get loose she would be the most likely bird to be able to manage on her own.  As I'm still trying to come to terms with Sammy being on her own, my little brother came into the house, looked at me and asked 'Did you hear?" and I shook my head yes.  He proceeded to walk to the room he and his wife stayed in and picked up her purse and left.  (I didn't realize that is what was going on at this point).  A short while later, my Dad was outside feeding the birds.  He usually soaks some monkey biscuits in hot water and puts one or two in each bird's bowl... Chuckles promptly throws his across the cage and Sammy will eat hers then go and get Chuckles'.  The grey that was in the cage started eating the monkey biscuit and my dad realized that something was terribly wrong.  He came into the house and asked me to come and look at the greys, the one left was acting more like Sammy than Chuckles.  I walk outside and half way to the cage I realize that it is definitely Sammy in the cage...  it was MY BABY that flew away!!  Instant Tears!!!  This is when I looked up to see where my little brother was so I could ring his neck and realized that he and his wife had gotten into their car and left without saying a word, there was no Thanks for Thanksgiving dinner, or the hospitality, or the wedding gift,, and not one word of "So Sorry"....  I was heart broken!!  Happy Birthday to me, huh?!

I called the newspaper and placed a "Lost Pet" ad, I called the local radio station, all the vets in town, the animal shelter, animal control and the one local bird wholesaler I know.  We walked the streets for two days, until I had blisters, calling for my little bird with no luck.  Our weather said we were about to get an artic blast and was predicting freezing and below temperatures by Wednesday. 

Monday I received a phone call about 1pm from a WONDERFUL couple who live about 3 blocks away.  They had heard the advertisement on the radio about a missing bird....

Mr. & Mrs. M. were leaving to go to church Sunday morning and walked outside to see this bird standing as still as a statue in their front yard.  Mrs. M. thought it was a stuffed animal but Mr. M. realized that it was a 'real bird' and figured it was someone's pet that had gotten away.  He picked Chuckles up and promptly got bit for his efforts.  He put Chuckles in a small cage and gave him some food and water.  Ms. M. had called her son to tell him of their find and when Chuckles heard the phone he says "... HELLO".  They also noticed the ring on his leg and was sure that he was someone's pet.  They listened to the radio hoping to hear something about a missing bird.  They tell me that Chuckles was pretty friendly after that first bite and allowed them to pet him Sunday afternoon.  Monday they finally heard an ad about a missing "Artificial grey bird who's name was Charles".  Boy did the radio station botch that one!!  I received the call at 1pm.  I was at their house by 1:05.  When Chuckles heard my voice he went running to the top of the cage and by the time I got the door open he was in my arms, making little grey sounds and giving me LOTS of hugs bird kisses.  Which means he was trying to bury his head in my mouth!! (laughing).  He was like a frisky little puppy he was so happy to see me and vice-versa.  Mr. & Mrs. M. were worried about turning over such a valuable bird so just anyone.  The look of surprise and delight on their face over Chuckles reaction to me was priceless!!  They said it was quite obvious that Chuckles had found his Momma!! 

Monday evening I got a second call from a lady (bird lover) who lives in a neighboring town.  She had heard the advertisement on the radio and knew we were in for a hard freeze.  She was calling to volunteer her and her daughter's assistance to help comb the streets and help us find Chuckles....

To Mr. & Mrs. M. and to the lady and her daughter.... Thank You!!  Your kindness and your concern warms my heart.  God Bless you all!!

Chuckles - In the beginning

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