Gallery of Water Plants

Hardy Water Lilies

HollandiaA beautiful addition to any pond. Perennials and frost tolerant. Blossoms normally float on the water surface. Most require 5-6 hours of direct sunlight. They also require still water depths of 6-18". Cover 60% - 70% of your ponds surface with water lilies as part of your balanced pond formula.

Hollandia - My Personal Favorite, a large, double flowers borne in profusion. Pale pink in color with a slight fragrance. Requires full sun, at least 6 hours. Spreads 9-18 feet.

uperb plant for tubs and small ponds. This plant has a very impressive foliage formation.  The pads stand up above the water in the center of the plant.  Long season of blooms. Often this plant will display many blooms at once. Spreads 4-12 feet. Requires full sun to part shade. Mottled leaves.Sunrise


Large yellow flowers, borne over a long season. Stay open extra late in the afternoon. This blossom lasts for 3 days. It is very common for this plant to have 3-4 blossoms at a time. We measured our blossoms and they measured a full 7"+. Spread 9-18 feet


 Tropical Water Lilies

The Ultimate in romance. The sun sets, all the other water lilies go to sleep. But the moon appears and these exotic flowers unfold. Opens at dusk, and don't close until mid-morning the next day. 8"-10" flowers stand well above the waters surface. Requires at least 3 hours of sunlight, but prefer 6 hours or more. Require still water 6-18" over rootstock.

Red Flare top viewRed Flare - A Show stopper!!! Spectacular dark red petals and deep maroon stamens. Blooms only at night.

Flowers stand high above the waters surface on tall strong stems. This flower opens so fast when the sun goes down, that you can actually see the petals move.  The foliage is a dark red and each pad measures close to 12 inches across.  Spreads up to 18 feet.White Knight top view


Woods White Knight
This plant was a gift from my Brother, it has large white blossoms and  blooms only at night. Profuse blossoms with as little as 3 hours of direct sun. This awesome plant consistently produced two and three blossoms a day. Covers 9-18 sq. feet with it's deep green pads.

 Marginal & Bog Plants


nother gift, this one from my oldest son.  It has jointed-stem structure, it is  also known as scouring rush. This is a Native American Plant. It grows to 18" high. Prefers water depths of 0-6". Requires full sun to part shade.
Parrots Feather

Parrots Feather
ush Green foliage trails along the water's surface. This plant does wonderful on waterfalls, and is at it's peak in early summer.


Umbrella PalmUmbrella Palm
I had originally put this plant in a pot and submerged it under water.  I was not impressed with it's long stingy runners.   As I was cutting it back one spring, I stuck one small clipping  in the bottom reservoir of my water fall.  In no time at all, that one clipping flourished.  It now covers the bottom ledge of my water fall. This plant prefers the cooler temperatures of spring and fall and becomes a blanket of soft green foliage.  It dies back in the hot months so I put another "hot weather" bog plant in with it, and now I have coverage all season long.  Whorls of spiked foliage give lively, distinctive shape. Makes a beautiful accent plant, grows to 5'tall.


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